Keck Golden Ticket Program

Our mission is to provide as many kids as we can with participation and leadership opportunities in action sports through financial assistance, training, and mentorship.

About Us

Our Vision

The Keck Golden Ticket Foundation (KGT) is a nonprofit 501c3 named after Dr. Eric Keck and his vision to strengthen kids lives through the power of action sports. The KGT mission is to continue to provide kids with participation and leadership opportunities in action sports through financial assistance, training, and mentorship. Since its inception in 2020, all donations in memory of Eric Keck, combined with a grant through the State of New Hampshire, enabled KGT to fund a robust after-school bike program at Highland Mountain Bike Park,  build a pump track at Southwick School (where Eric was Principal) in Northfield, NH, and purchase bikes and gear to equip young riders from our local community. 

And this is just the beginning.

KGT will continue to serve kids throughout the State of New Hampshire and beyond, not only through bike riding opportunities, but via skiing, snowboarding, paddling, and more.  With your help, we can continue to bring this vision to Life.

About Us

Our Current Opportunity

For many of our local youth, the benefits of mountain biking are out of reach due to lack of resources.  Quality bikes are expensive, transportation to safe riding areas is difficult to coordinate for working parents, and quality instruction is limited.

Through financial support, logistics planning, and educational expertise Keck Golden Ticket program has a unique opportunity to create lasting change and impact in local students’ lives. There is a big difference between trying an activity and being able to sustain being a lifelong participant.

Our goal is to create opportunities for children to flourish socially by eliminating barriers and ensuring access to outdoor action sport experiences.

About Us

Who We Are

We are a charitable foundation (501c3) serving kids in the lakes and mountain region of central New Hampshire. We are looking for passionate and invested participants to help make this a lasting and widespread initiative. Please reach out with questions or interest.

How You Can Help

Send Donation

Giving via one-click donation has never been more simple (Click DONATE button on KGT homepage) We also continue to accept standard cash and check donations at Highland Mountain, and via mail. Kindly make payable to: KECK GOLDEN TICKET, 75 Ski Hill Drive, Northfield, NH 03276

Become a Volunteer

You can get involved for upcoming seasons by becoming a thoroughly screened Volunteer. Sign up and you could be joining a group of change-makers, in a network committed to positively impact the lives of children.

Specific Gifts

Ask us about specific ways to provide benefits to the program. Your gift could help provide children in need with necessary equipment , training and education. You may also designate your gift: Mountain Bike (bikes and safety), Local Paddling (gear/lessons,) or upcoming Ski Program, for example.


A Few Young Fans

I want to learn how to ride better and learn how to do higher level stuff than I am doing right now. I love being outdoors and enjoying nature.

Dr. Keck was someone who I looked up to as a principal, neighbor, police officer, and a great person in our community and I will always miss him.

Sixth Grader

Downhill is fun and gives a burst of adrenaline, challenging yourself and takes a lot of focus.

Cycling down the hill takes much focus so all the thoughts in my head just fade away while I’m riding.

– Freshman (multiple seasons in program)

Become a Sponsor

With the aim of helping as many kids as possible, we are always looking for enthusiastic sponsors who share our vision and want to be involved.

Please contact us for more info.